In My Life

I'm Lynley. I'm 24. I blog about my life, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Toby Turner, YouTubers, all things Disney, and various actors, actresses, movies, and fashion styles. Basically anything I like. I'm just trying to find my place in this world and blogging the journey in the meantime... :)

The cutest human being on the face of the earth: Landon Austin.

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"I was hysterical. That was the trouble. I was jealous of anyone she had anything to do with. I demanded absolute trust from her, because I wasn’t trustworthy myself. I was neurotic, taking all my frustrations out on her. She did leave me once. That was terrible. I couldn’t stand being without her"; - John Lennon

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I just want to have Ariel’s hair…is that too much to ask?

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